Engineering Internship Opportunity

Internship Opportunity

Who are we?

Colsen International BV is specialised in the field of waste water treatment, biogas production and sustainable energy. Our core activities can be described by in-house development and application of innovative technologies for re-use of water, recovery of nutrients from waste water and organic waste and the application of sustainable energy from biogas.

Poul-AR® Pilot Plant

The Colsen group has developed the eco-innovate Poul-AR® process a sustainable route to nutrient recovery and energy efficiency from poultry manure. The first step in the process is the biological ammonification of the manure to convert organic nitrogen into ammonia. The ammonia present in the broth is then recovered via air stripping after which it is fixated with nitric acid as an ammonium salt to produce the desired fertiliser. The residue rich in organics it then thermophilically digested to produce biogas and phosphate rich digestate.

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Job Description

Two positions are available for a three-month internship opportunity investigating the use of the Poul-AR® process as a method for treating and valorising poultry manure. We are looking for someone with a Chemical Engineering and another with Mechanical Engineering background. The position is open to both South Africans and Nationals with a valid work permit.

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Start date: 1st of February 2018

Location: Belville/Paarl region

Remuneration: R5000.00 per month


· Daily operations and monitoring of the pilot equipment

· Sampling, sample analysis, and interpretation of results

· Compile operations and research reports

· Maintenance of process equipment (Mechanical Intern)


· Working towards an undergraduate or masters BSc or BTech in Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering (students going into their 3rd or 4th year may apply).

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· Driver’s license and your own vehicle

· You are interested in anaerobic digestion and waste to energy

· You are adventurous, an independent worker and not afraid to take on a challenge

· You are someone who takes initiative, like to do hands on work and have a problem-solving mentality


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